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Japanese automotive makers have been making massive inroads into the global car industry for the last 40 years. Recently, we got the news that both General Motors and Ford were planning to quit the Sedan market. Now, the most popular sedans all over the world are now Toyota Camry and Honda Civic.  Japanese Sedan cars ruling the world now. Please see the following article for details. Japanese Sedan Cars Ruling The World Now They just want to focus on higher-margin-vehicles such... + read more
Used Toyota, Honda cars get least depreciation in 2018. Wow. That was a great news for us and, of course, an amazing win for the Japanese used cars industry as most of the cars selected in a recent survey are of Japanese origin.  There is no doubt that everyone wants to purchase a car which gets the least depreciation. In the following lines, we will discuss some of the Japanese cars which get the least depreciation Used Toyota, Honda cars Get Least Depriciation in 2018 Toyota... + read more
Today, we are excited to provide you with a detailed overview of used Subaru Exiga car from Japan. For some of the folks, it may not be the most popular compact MPV. But, it is a great crossover utility vehicle for the people on the budget. It was first launched as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. Since then, its 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2015 models got a warm welcome from Subaru enthusiasts. However, two things make Subaru Exiga very attractive for budget buyers. It is a seven-... + read more
Used Nissan Note From Japan
Buying a used Nissan Note from Japan could be a decision if you have a tight budget. Maybe, you also want to use the car in the city instead of using highways requiring greater speeds and power. It is a small MPV manufactured by Nissan since 2004.  Over the years, it has gone through several phases. Nissan has made many incremental changes in the interior and exterior of the over the years. It is a 5-door hatchback with 1.4 or 1.5-liter engine. Nissan introduced a new hybrid version of the... + read more
Honda CR-V
Buying a used Honda CR-V from Japan has been a dream for many of our regular customers of a compact crossover SUV in the world. Honda started manufacturing the car in 1995. They introduced this car in the US and Canada in 1997. The vehicle is larger than Honda HR-V but smaller than Honda Pilot.  According to Honda, CR-V means Comfortable Runabout car. It is also used a compact recreational vehicle by many around the globe. In this blog post, it is our mission to give you THE most... + read more
Toyota Wish is one of the best cars we strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to buy a great compact MPV car for a large family.  It was produced by Toyota Corporation from 2003 to 2017.  It is available as a six or 7 seater car. The engine size comes in either 1.8 or 2.0-litre sizes. It is a lovely car for those who do not want to buy a somewhat larger car such as Ipsum while still consider Toyota Spacio too small for their taste.  Toyota assembled Toyota Wish car in... + read more
Every industry has its dos and don’ts. And the car industry is no exception.  We want to discuss the top 10 things you should never do to your car to avoid any unwanted issues. These things are as follows.  It does not matter whether you own a Japanese car or a non-Japanese one.  However, following are the practices you should avoid at all costs if you own a car. In fact, there are more than things you should never do. We plan to expand this article to give you a... + read more
How to choose best car batteries
Everyone knows that Japanese car batteries are extremely reliable. You do not need to change batteries for your Japanese car so often.  However, sometimes, as you may all know, it becomes necessary to replace your car batteries no matter which car you drive. In the coming lines, we plan to give you some important tips on how to choose the best car batteries when the time comes. Most of us do not realize the importance of car batteries until your car stops due to the old battery.  In... + read more
Japanese minicars, also called kei cars, are extremely popular among Japanese poeple of all ages and income groups. People love them for various reasons.  The reasons could be plenty. Honda`s N-Box, Other Minicars Becoming Popular Among the Elderly Japanese Honda`s N-Box, Other Minicars Becoming Popular Among the Elderly Japanese Honda’s N-Box and other minicars prove to be a hit with Japan’s elderly drivers When Honda Motor Co. launched the latest version of its N-... + read more
Used Toyota Mark X For Sale In Japan
Toyota Mark X  is the successor to an older Toyota car titled Mark 11. It is a mid-level car introduced by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2004. Loyal owners as well as enthusiasts like Toyota Mark X.  In the international markets, people are more familiar with a similar car by Toyota titled Toyota Crown.  The Mark X is a continuation of the previous Mark II and its siblings, Toyota Chaser and Toyota Cresta. The marketing team at Toyota repeated an approach attempted by the short-... + read more
Used Nissan Civilian Bus For Sale In Japan
Japanese Auto World has been offering used Nissan Civilian bus for sale in Japan for some time now. In the following lines, we are going to discuss the salient features of Nissan Civilian bus. It is one of the most popular used Japanese bus being sold by Japanese exporters. Many of our customers like used Nissan Civilian bus due to its reliability, fuel consumption and durability.  We have the following stock of high quality used Nissan Civilian buses for sale in Japan.. Please consider... + read more
used Toyota Allion for sale in Japan
It would have been odd to write another blog post about Toyota Allion when we have not yet finished writing about the comparison between Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio. Indeed, these are two of the best sedans offered by Toyota.  However, we were excited to write about the car again due to its top quality, its availability and the best price offer we can give to our customers globally. It is one of the best sedan car Toyota has ever offered. In fact, both Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio... + read more
Used Toyota Allion For Sale In Japan
Toyota introduced both Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio sedans in 2001. Toyota Allion was a replacement of Toyota Carina while Toyota Premio became the successor of Toyota Corona. Both use the same 1NZ-FE engine. Although, the company has made some periodic changes in Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio, they did not change the exterior dimensions of the car. Hard core followers of all things Toyota, love both these cars. Japanese Auto World has used Toyota Allion for sale available in Japan. We... + read more
Used Japanese Buses For Sale From Japan
Let us face it. We did not have used Japanese buses for sale from Japan in our stock list up until recently. But, today, I am glad to report to you that, we have now, tons of high quality premium class used Japanese buses, micro buses of all sizes and types ready to be sold. In the coming paragraphs, we plan to give you a brief rundown of what used japanese buses are available with us, what their qualities are and why you should choose one of them if you plan to buy one these days. Used... + read more
Used Japanese Vehicles For Kenya
Today, I am excited to share with you the news about increasing number of orders we have been receiving from our customers in Kenya. While discussing our customer requirements, we often get questions about import regulations, most popular cars for the market and their prices. I believe, we need to answer these questions on our website so that used Japanese vehicle customers for Kenya can benefit from these replies. This blog post is specifically about the most popular used Japanese vehicles for... + read more


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