BLITZ Advance Power Intake Kit For Honda Civic Type R FD2 K20A


  • Brand: BLITZ
  • Product name: Advance Power Intake Kit
  • Product Number: 42125
  • Compatible car: Honda Civic Type R FD2
  • Compatible Engine: K20A
  • Notes: Images are for illustration only. Actual product may vary


  • A unique air filter system that provides a great combination of performance, sports sound with light weight construction and engine bay dress up style.
  • Filtration element is made from a fine stainless steel capable of extremely high horsepower applications while also adding a sporty engine intake sound for all applications.
  • Super fine mesh construction has less restriction than any other filters which is also easy to clean and long lasting.
  • Filter in combination with metal top plate, large funnel lip and aluminum heat shield provide significantly increased amount of readily available fresh cool air to the engine.
  • Hairline finished aluminum shield accented with blue almite finish funnel and lock plates provides a great sports accent to the engine bay.
  • Material:
  1. Shield: Aluminum
  2. Mesh: Stainless SUS304
  3. Lock Plate: Aluminum with Blue Almite Finish
  4. Funnel Lip: Aluminum with Blue Almite Finish

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