REIZ Door Handle Cover Carbon Style for Suzuki Jimny JB64 JB74


Product number SN2957-2P

Set content:

・ 2 pieces on the left and right of the main body (double-sided tape is already attached)




Designed exclusively for vehicle models
Introducing a door handle protector that prevents scratches when opening and closing the door.
The flexible material is used and the protector itself does not damage the body.
Excellent fit due to the car model-specific design!

[How to install]
Double-sided tape is attached to the back of the product, so it is easy to install by just sticking it.
Since it can be mounted only with double-sided tape, be sure to remove all dirt and oil from the mounting surface before mounting.
* Cannot be installed at the same time as the interior panel.

Rubber (flexible material)



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