REIZ Quilted Leather Seat Cover for Suzuki Jimny JB64 JB74


Compatible Models:

・ JB64W Jimny (XL / XC grade) * 1
・ JB74W Jimny Sierra (JC / JL grade)
* 1: Cannot be installed on XG grade

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A feeling of fit
that is exclusive to the vehicle model Designed exclusively for the vehicle model that cannot be obtained with the general-purpose type. Protects the seat and improves the texture of the interior without interfering with its functions.

Back pocket standard equipment A
back pocket is equipped on the back of the driver’s seat and passenger seat.

Adoption of double stitch Adopting
sewing that achieves both luxury and durability.

Easy maintenance
This product uses PVC leather, which is resistant to dirt.
If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a soft cloth.
If you have a commercially available cleaner, please use one that is compatible with synthetic leather.

Additional information


White Stitch, Red Stitch, No Neckpad

Stitch Color

White Stitch, Red Stitch


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