Suzuki Jimny SJ30 Available For Sale

Japanese Auto World has the above-mentioned used Suzuki Jimny SJ30 available with us. We would like to sell it urgently as the car is parked at the port of Japan. It is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. You just need to pay the price and we will start making the shipping arrangements without any delay.

The car we have available with us for urgent sale runs great, although it has rust which you may want to clean before using it. Its price is very reasonable.

It is a popular off-roader in European countries and North America.  It is a truly 4×4 off-road mini sports utility vehicle (SUV).  People love it as it is very sturdy and can easily compete with its much larger rivals such as Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Land Cruiser while driving on rough terrains. You may contact us at [email protected].  for further details about the car.

The SJ30 Jimny 550 was mainly manufactured for the  Japanese domestic market consumption where it suited the Kei car category. Still powered by the LJ50 engine also used in its previous version, the Jimny 550 was by a sizable margin the last two-stroke engine built in Japan. Production ended with the withdrawal of type approval in November 1987 in favor of its newer F5A-engined brother, the JA71. The two-stroke had been favored by Japanese off-roaders (and by Suzuki) due to its superior torque.  Torque is a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion.