Toyota to Launch New Model “Granace” in Japan

Toyota to Launch New Model “Granace” in Japan

The new Granace is a full-size wagon(1) with outstanding presence; it makes full use of its capacious 5.30-meter length and 1.97-meter width to deliver a high-quality and comfortable interior space.

– Generous size conveys both powerful presence and ease-of-handling

– The high-quality and spacious interior demonstrates hospitality for guests

– Excellent driving stability and outstanding quietness deliver a comfortable ride

– Ample advanced equipment such as smartphone-linkable display audio

Toyota City, Japan, Nov 25, 2019; Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces the launch of its new model “Granace(2)”, which will go on sale at Toyota vehicle dealers nationwide on December 16. The new Granace comes in two grades: Premium grade, a three-row, six-seater priced at 6,500,000 yen(3) and G grade, a four-row, eight-seater priced at 6,200,000 yen(3).

Utilizing a semi-bonnet(4) package, the new Grace is characterized by its superb basic performance–including quietness and driving stability–and classy interior. An exterior style that exudes presence, a gorgeous cockpit, and a comfortable rear seating design further accentuates the car’s individuality.

Sales Outline

1. Sales outlets: Toyota, Toyopet, Toyota Corolla, and Netz dealers across Japan, and Toyota Mobility Tokyo Inc.
2. The annual sales target for Japan 600 units

Production Plant
Inabe Plant, Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.

(1) Full-size body with a total length of 5 meters or more.
(2) The model’s name is taken from the word “gran,” which means “big or great” in Spanish, and “ace,” which means “top or excellent person” in English.
(3) Manufacturers’ suggested retail prices (including consumption tax).
(4) Vehicle design in which the driver’s seat is positioned at the rear end of the powertrain, resulting in a very short bonnet.